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Managing Impacts

Corporate Social Responsibility

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The assessment of corporate social responsibility is at the heart of all important decisions, from the definition of the business model and strategy to the examination of funding applications. It also influences the company’s ability to attract and retain new talent.

It requires the company to measure the impacts of its activities and to report on them responsibly in a sustainable development objective.

Thus, the identification of the nature and severity of the risks related to the deployment of activities must be done in relation to the planetary limits, human rights and the expectations of stakeholders, according to a double approach: assessment of the impact of the company’s activities on its environment (impact materiality) and the financial impact of exogenous factors on the development of the company (financial materiality).

This transformation requires awareness-raising actions. It can be implemented in the management of complaints (e.g. claims of dangerousness of a product, environmental damage, non-compliance with regulations, etc.). It involves a systemic vision of the alleged problem and forces the implementation of a prospective, collaborative and transparent approach.  It aims to develop innovative solutions, in the interest of the company and taking into account the expectations of stakeholders.

Koësis' vision

Turning chaos into opportunity

The path to sustainability follows a process of continuous improvement. As in everyday life, the difficulties encountered help to progress because they offer the opportunity to challenge outdated beliefs or processes, to acquire new knowledge and to adapt to change. By tightening up to force companies to find a better balance between profitability and social utility, regulations require them to give up the ease or blindness, placing new responsibilities on them for their entire value chain. Koësis’ vision, inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, invites us to reconsider – and even celebrate – the broken and repaired, that is, to rely on the weaknesses of a system or on mistakes made in the past to build a stronger future.

“As Legal Director at a CAC40 company for over 25 years, I have faced many challenges and crisis situations. These experiences have considerably enriched my role as «guardian of the temple» by placing me at the heart of crisis cells or at the crossroads between contradictory opinions and power relations.  Whether it’s claims about a drug suspected of causing serious side effects, accusations of anti-competitive behaviour or confrontations with disparaging strategies, I have seen how emergency situations reinforce cohesion within the teams involved. How to put this energy into action to tackle the collective challenges of exceeding 6 of the 9 planetary limits, human rights violations and the risks of corruption?   By deciding to leave my comfort zone by embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure to train and advise companies on their social responsibility, I participate in the mobilization for sustainable development”.


Supporting the transition to sustainable business models


The duty of vigilance and the obligation to draw up a sustainability report are imposed on companies exceeding certain thresholds. How will VSEs/SMEs in their value chains also be impacted? What accountability will they have to give to their clients?

Raising awareness of sustainable development issues

Whether it is to mobilize teams through participatory workshops, inform on sustainable development issues or explain new CSR regulations, Koësis tailors the shape of its interventions to the targeted audience.

Supporting the transition

Koësis participates in the development of your sustainable development strategy: identification of stakeholders, analysis of double materiality, assistance in the preparation of sustainability reports and any other communication on sustainable commitments.

Managing risks and claims

Koesis advises companies on risk management by integrating a CSR approach to the problems to be solved.
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Whether your company is independent or a subsidiary of a parent company located abroad, CSR regulations impact your business. These regulations are numerous and evolve regularly to adapt to new societal and environmental requirements. Our intervention proposal is adapted to your sector and the size of your company, whether it is directly subject to the duty of care and/ or the CSRD, or located in the value chain of a regulated company. 

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