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Who are we ?

Koësis proposes to assist entrepreneurs facing the threat of a crisis, or dealing with disruptions caused by an ongoing crisis. Calling in an external expert in crisis management offers several advantages, including the ability to step back from the situation at hand to look at it in a dispassionate manner. Relying on a third party to deal with the burden of coordinating activities – which is fundamental in this context – enables employees to remain focused on their primary missions within the company.

Our strong legal skills, deep understanding of operational and ethical issues, ability to listen, focus on teamwork and commitment to confidentiality , make Koësis an effective and reliable liaison agent to strengthen the cohesion of your teams during difficult times.

We are also able to tap our network of professional experts in various fields to provide additional services that can be useful in crisis situations (monitoring, coaching, human resources management, legal analysis, etc.).


“As Legal Director of a multinational pharmaceutical company, I have been confronted with numerous crisis situations. These experiences have considerably enriched my role as “guardian of the temple”, placing me at the heart of crisis units. Whether in cases of withdrawal of a new drug from the market suspected of serious side-effects, multiple legal proceedings with high media profile, suspicions of anti-competitive behavior or confrontations with smear strategies, I’ve seen just how crucial group cohesion is in emergency situations. But this alchemy doesn’t happen out of the blue. On the contrary, it has to be orchestrated, with leadership, integrity and humility”.



International Institute for Management Development - Lausanne, Switzerland


University of Paris Saclay (Paris XI)


“There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen)